Creating world-class, diverse cohorts of talent to support immediate and medium-term hiring requirements.

Our Talent Pipelining services are designed to discover, socialise with, attract and assess high calibre talent against specific role requirements.

Talent Pipelines deliver bespoke communities of pre-screened, qualified and engaged talent.

They represent a qualitative, agile and cost-effective method by which organisations can source and recruit talent, often for enterprise critical and specialist in-demand talent.

As well as single role requirements, talent pipelining programs are used to resource programs of multiple roles without incurring the costs associated with “per-head” fee models.

We believe that the most effective way of serving our clients is to work closely with them.

Our solutions are developed in partnership with our clients and, facilitated through rigorous bespoke research, we complement and support our clients’ in-house talent acquisition teams, as and when needed.

Regularly becoming a seamless extension of our clients’ internal talent acquisition teams, we scope and deliver talent solutions based on pre-specified KPIs; our talent pipelining programmes are innovative, insight driven, and we don’t stop until we have achieved the outcomes that are required.

Case Study

Talent Pipelining

A talent pipeline of world-class female engineers across multiple disciplines.

Case Study

Talent Pipelining

Finding best-in-class strategic talent for a leading payments solutions group.

"We work with you to create a strategy that meets the needs of your organisation and ensures that you have direct access to high quality, diverse talent that is engaged and represents a strong cultural fit."

Kirsty Young, CEO

Creating bespoke Talent Pipelines incorporates:

In the first instance, this equates to data-driven research to inform the big picture talent landscape in context. This is backed up with primary insights and talent mapping research to understand the details around a range of criteria, for example who, where, diverse characteristics, special criteria, etc. and delivers a comprehensive picture of the current talent landscape based on specified roles, skills sets, location requirements, etc.

Individually tailored communications in the context of one to one, face to face introductions facilitates high quality engagement with the passive talent landscape.

Following initial meetings, continued individual dialogue and subsequent assessment against specified role(s) criteria are the key to maximising high quality candidates’ engagement.

By engaging with bespoke cohorts of specially-selected individuals, wherever in the world they are required, talent pipelines represent qualified, interested talent that can be utilised immediately as well as in the medium-term.

Building relationships with longevity in the context of talent that would not otherwise have discovered or considered our clients as potential future career destinations of choice is a key aim of talent pipelines.

An additional key aim is creating talent acquisition pathways that are agile and highly cost-effective.

Case Study

Talent Pipelining

Finding best-in-class strategic talent for a leading payments solutions group.