Discover the talent available in your target markets.

Our Talent Mapping provides your business with a comprehensive review of relevant talent cohorts, wherever in the world they are located.

Delivering detailed talent landscapes of specified talent cohorts that are aligned to defined roles, skills sets, target organisations, locations and diversity criteria, Talent Mapping provides an overview of high calibre talent in the market. This is reported by name, job title, company, and global location.

In addition, all publicly available career background information can be incorporated, along with a range of other macro data, including talent diversity analysis, following analysis of the Talent Mapping data outcomes.

Talent Mapping can be used as a stand-alone provision for internal acquisition teams to utilise as the basis from which in house programmes of candidate engagement can be launched, additionally, it can be a precursor to subsequent programmes of candidate engagement and assessment, via Parkhouse Bell’s Talent Pipelining and Executive Search services.

Case Study

Talent Mapping

Finding 120+ individuals for a highly specialised niche role.

Our Talent Mapping services include:

Provides comprehensive talent landscape information based on specified roles and skills sets.

Reported in Excel spreadsheet format, providing flexibility to cut the data and assess the information to suit your purposes.

Diversity is incorporated in all Talent Maps.

Providing confirmation of the global, regional and in-country location of specified skills sets and talent pools.

Enabling organisations to understand the OD context of their competitors and the wider landscape to support strategic OD planning and transformation.

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