The primary insights, data and analysis to address talent challenges.

Our suite of Talent Insights services are specially designed to give you the essential information you need to plan successful talent and business strategies.

We use our unrivalled access to a world-wide range of specialist data sources and tools are combined with our unparalleled knowledge and expertise in bespoke talent identification.

Our Talent Insights experts analyse and combine intelligence from across these sources to provide critical insight, guidance and recommended actions which ensure our clients not only make the right business decisions, but also achieve significant value and RoI.

Case Study

Talent Insights

Understanding the location and scale of a Global Bank's competitors.

“Our expertise is in our ability to identify and engage leading talent in very specific markets. This is combined with data we access from the widest range of global sources using our tried and tested methodologies.”

Our range of Talent Insights incorporate:

Understand how diverse the external talent landscape is by, for example, gender, ethnicity or nationality.
Explore the global talent market in the context of diversity by sector, function and geography.

Gain a detailed understanding of the talent market dynamics of specific geographies, ahead of hiring or investment decisions.

Our location studies provide a range of data points including:

- size and growth of talent pools

- local salary data

- competition for talent

- cost of living

- local talent motivation factors

Get in-context remuneration and reward insights relating to individuals in specific roles, companies and global territories.

Understand where talent hubs are located wherever they are in the world. Discover whether they are growing and, if so, how rapidly.

Quickly and cost-effectively understand talent markets in industries, geographies, functions and skills-sets.

We provide you with talent pool sizes, top employers, location hubs and availability of skills and job functions.

We engage with talent, and those currently hiring talent, to provide a combined talent and employer-side view of the factors that attract specific talent pools to a role as well as insight into the factors that aid retention.

Learn more about how your competitors are structured, who have they hired, what are they thinking and what are they planning.

Find out how talent views your employer brand, who your talent competitors are, and how your brand compares.

A view of the external market to benchmark against internal talent.

Discover how are companies are organised and the views on how this works.

We diagnose, plan, train and consult to your business develop your own talent insights and competitive intelligence capabilities in-house.