Advanced Engineering

Delivering global and regional programmes to acquire the highest calibre talent and improve diversity.

Working in partnership with organisations in the Aerospace & Defence, Automotive, Automation & Digital Solutions, Space & Satellite and Connected Manufacturing sectors, our team supports clients to identify and attract high calibre talent for their global operations.

Our talent insights and acquisition programmes are designed to identify and attract world-class leadership talent in addition to specialist technical and commercial talent, and to promote and facilitate global mobility in the context of career defining opportunities.

Diversity is often a particular challenge in many Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing organisations. We support clients to make demonstrable diversity improvements across their Executive talent cohorts through a range of research driven solutions, including talent insights, talent mapping, talent pipelining and executive search.

We provide cost and time-effective talent solutions to support scarce, high-demand talent and skills expertise requirements.

We support clients through a range of research-driven talent solutions including talent mapping, talent insights, talent pipelining and executive resourcing projects.

We provide cost and time-effective talent solutions to support scarce, high demand talent and skills expertise requirements.

Case Study

Talent Pipelining

A talent pipeline of world-class female engineers across multiple disciplines.

Some of our expertise includes:

- Senior Commercial, Engineering & Technical roles across Rail, Highways, Aviation & Marine

- Sustainability experts

- Project Directors

- Aerospace, Defence & Infrastructure Consulting

- Missile Systems Design & Development

- Programme & Project Leaders

- Country & Regional Manufacturing leaders

- Supply Chain leaders

- Supply Chain & supporting functions

- Production & Assembly

- R&D

- Product Strategy leaders

- Procurement leaders