Social Enterprise Support


An International Social Enterprise


Health, Governance & Growth


Supporting cost-effective recruitment & growth



The Challenge

Our client is an international development social enterprise, focused on economic growth, strengthened healthcare and improved financial management and governance.

They faced several recruitment challenges, hindering their ability to build a strong, cohesive team, including:

– High recruitment costs

– Unsatisfactory time to hire

– An underperforming internal recruitment team

Our Solution

A Managed Service solution, with a dedicated Parkhouse Bell Account Manager.

This included, but was not limited to:

Creating, posting and managing online advertisements

Market-mapping and headhunting recruitment projects (national and international)

Extensive preliminary interviews of identified candidates, before CV submission

Providing salary advice and sharing key market intelligence

Coordinating client interview process and attending as a panellist at both internal and external interviews

Supporting salary negotiation process

The Outcome

The client achieved:

55% cost savings

A significant reduction in time to hire – from 50 down to 28 days

The appointment of 26 roles in the first 6 months (16 externally appointed, 10 from internal talent)

Based on the success of the partnership, our client extended the initial 6-month contract by a further 18 months to continue supporting their recruitment activity.